Over the next few weeks we will be working through an evangelism training program entitled Going Around the Corner. It was developed by a local couple, Todd and Sheila Alewine who are well known to some of our members. 

All Christians are commanded to share their faith, their experience, and their love for Jesus with the people around them (Luke 24:46-48). Just as someone shared Jesus with you, you ought to share share Jesus with others. We believe this is best done through building relationships with the people around us. We believe the Lord has purposefully put each of us where we live, work, and play (Acts 17:26). God has placed each of us where we are to be His ambassadors to the people there. But, many of us are ill-equipped to the task.  

Join us as we equip one another to obey this great commission. We will be studying and going through the workbook over the next four weeks. Books are available at the Alewine's website, on Kindle or through the church. Join us are we prepare to take the Good news of Jesus around the corner.